mutt patch: pgp-traditional

pgp_create_traditional forces text/plain content type

Based on a thread in the mutt-users mailing list, I created this patch using the ideas/patch posted by Viktor Rosenfeld in an attempt to include his intended functionality, but without some undesired side effects:

It has not been thoroughly tested (by me) with any version, but people seem to be using it without complaint. Still, I would appreciate feedback from anyone using this patch, especially if it breaks anything. In particular, there is some speculation about 7bit/8bit issues.

Note: Starting with the 1.5 branch, this patch is no longer required.


This patch is available for these mutt versions:
1.4.2 (w/ 1.5 compatible x-action set); 1.4.1 (w/ 1.5 compatible x-action set); 1.4.1 (w/o x-action set); 1.4i; 1.3.28; 1.3.27; 1.3.26


2004-02-13: Patch updated for 1.4.2.

2003-03-22: Oops. Todd actually recommended setting x-action (in 1.4) to match the values used by 1.5 for compatibility. The patch was updated accordingly.

2003-03-22: Todd recommended keeping x-action for MUAs (like mutt) that use it.
Appropriate patch updated for 1.4.1.

2003-03-20: Patch updated for 1.4.1.

2003-02-05: Todd noted that there was some errant copy and pasting going on. The mbox-hook references at the bottom of the page have been removed. Thanks Todd.

2003-01-25: Format change for 1.4i patch.

2002-08-28: As of 1.5.1, this patch is no longer required as mutt will now use text/plain for pgp traditional messages.

2002-08-25: Patch updated for 1.4i.

2002-08-14: Daniel Roethlisberger reports the (1.3.26) patch applies relatively cleanly (and works) with 1.4i.

2002-03-13: Patch updated for 1.3.27 and 1.3.28.

2002-01-29: Viktor Rosenfeld and Nick Wilson both indicated patch failures on {it,nl,sv}.po. This was a result of importing the source with keyword substitution turned on, so I've -ko'd everything and recreated this patch (I've kept the same patchlevel though). Thanks to Viktor and Nick.
Martin Karlsson reports the (1.3.26) patch applies cleanly (and presumably works) with 1.3.27, which is expected.

2002-01-22: David Shaw noted that the confirmation prompt for pgp_create_traditional still asks to create an application/pgp message. The prompt has been changed to "Create a text/plain pgp message?" and all the translations have been updated accordingly. The German one (de.po) makes a reference to RFC 2015, so I have changed it to reference RFC 3156 instead. I couldn't find the string literal "application/pgp" in the Slovakia file (sk.po), so I left it as it was.