mutt patch: pgp-menu-traditional

add inline (traditional) support to pgp-menu

This patch integrates pgp inline (traditional) into the pgp menu, along with some (logically) related features.

The changes are:


This patch is available for these mutt versions:
CVS head revision; 1.5.6; 1.5.5; 1.5.4; 1.5.4 FreeBSD ports patch; 1.5.3; 1.4.2; 1.4.1


2004-02-13: Patch updated for 1.4.2.

2004-02-04: Thanks to Todd for pointing out that I neglected to make all the necessary changes for the security bits (1.5.6 patch was broken, not the head patch), resulting in some undesirable bit sharing. Patch updated for 1.5.6.

2004-02-02: Patch updated for 1.5.6 and CVS head revision.

2004-01-01: Patch updated for CVS head revision.

2003-12-02: The 2003-11-27 release of the patch didn't include the correct menu prompt (much thanks to Todd for pointing this out). Please download the patch again if you grabbed the 2003-11-27 release.

2003-11-27: Patch updated for 1.5.5 and CVS head revision.

2003-10-31: Make FreeBSD ports patch for mutt-devel available.

2003-05-30: Patch updated for CVS head revision.

2003-04-05: Patch updated for CVS head revision, 1.5.4, and 1.4.1.

2003-04-01: Patch created for 1.4.1.

2003-03-20: Patch updated for 1.5.4.

2003-02-11: Patch created for CVS head revision and 1.5.3.